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Al Douglas @alexgdouglas
Photographer and Social Media Creator
Clean, fresh, Winter air. I can feel it in my lungs. Making time to enjoy it is high on my priority list not just for the sights but for the health benefits of fresh air and exercise. Quit smoking so you can take advantage of that fresh air.
Haley Smalls @haleysmalls
Musician and Social Media Creator
I think it's important to stay positive during your quitting journey. There is not one way to quit, so feel free to express yourselves!
  1. Tim O'Neill
    It was very difficult to quit. But I found distractions, did my research, and had support from friends and family. I'm very happy that I did it.... Read more
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  2. Rob Fink
    Like most, I've had many failed attempts at dropping my pack-a-day habit. I'm proud to say I'm now smoke free for 15 years. It wasn't easy and took an arsenal of techniques but worth it! I wanted to quit but it was a bad case of the flu that kick-started it for me. After a week of being physically unable to pull the smoke down while sick ... Read more
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      Jean Pierre Guevremont
      test comment... Read more
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  3. Lynn Bereza
    I still consider myself a smoker but I haven't had one in years - one slip and I know I'll be right back to two packs a day! I too was a slave to the habit - I couldn't do anything without a cigarette in my hand or knowing I'd have enough to get through the evening and morning without running short. It took me five serious attempts includ... Read more
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    Craig Hooper
    Just wanted to share my quitting story. It's a pretty simple one. Like a lot of smokers, I really wanted to quit for a long time. One Xmas, I got a bad flu, and was bed ridden for several days. I took this opportunity to quit, once and for all. After a few days, I got better, and I realized my cravings had subsided considerably. I never l... Read more
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