• DB Cooper

    I started smoking at 13 years old by first rolling dried birch leaves in paper. Me and my friend were young and just being stupid. After trying that my sister gave me a real cigarette and showed me how to drag. I stopped when I was 22 for 1 year and then returned to the habit until 36. I quit for four years and started 2 years ago. I was starting to cough blood. It would take me 20 minutes in the morning to just stop coughing. The front of my car would have to be wiped because while I was driving I would hack spit and hork on the front dash. I would try to quit by bumming smokes off people, which is kind of insulting to them after a while. I am sick right now because my throat started to burn three days ago. I have four days in from not smoking. I have to quit or else I fear I will die young. I use to enjoy swimming and exercise but feel that I can’t do that because I need my lungs. It’s a disgusting addiction that robs you of energy and life. I want to do it this time. Best of luck to everyone.

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