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    Like most, I’ve had many failed attempts at dropping my pack-a-day habit. I’m proud to say I’m now smoke free for 15 years. It wasn’t easy and took an arsenal of techniques but worth it! I wanted to quit but it was a bad case of the flu that kick-started it for me. After a week of being physically unable to pull the smoke down while sick in bed, the cravings started to subside slightly. I limited exposure to triggers like coffee, alcohol and going to bars for the better part of a month and started going to the gym. I also bought a tin of chewing tobacco which i carried with me at all times for 3 months. It was a crutch. I had it on me in case the cravings were severe, it would be my cheat. But it was so disgusting that the thought of using it was usually enough to overrule the cravings long enough for them to subside. In 3 months, I may have gone through a total of half a tin before being able to leave it behind, but never thrown out. I also put my would-be daily smoke money in a jar and bought myself a big screen TV and gaming system as my reward for hitting the 6 month smoke free mark. It wasn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

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    Hey, congratulations on your success. I myself had quit six days ago with the help of Nicotine gum, 2mg. Your strategy (In my opinion) was not only tactical,
    But successful to boot. Your comment will come in handy next craving. Thanks?

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