How to help others

Helping others quit

Supporting someone through quitting isn’t easy. There’s a fine line between encouraging someone to quit and nagging at them. But the reward of knowing your friends and family are leading healthier, happier lives is worth it.


Remember: friend first, smoker second

You know how much you hate it when people nag you? Don’t be that person. Be a friend, instead — offer support and show you care. Smoking is an addiction that’s not easy to overcome. You can’t force someone to be ready to quit smoking, but you can be there for them when they are.


You’ve been there, so be patient

If you’ve smoked before, you know better than anyone what someone who’s quitting is going through, so be patient and be there when they need you. If they slip and have a smoke, don’t make them feel guilty. Let them know you’ll help them when they’re ready to try again.

Need support being supportive?

Connect with a quit coach today for advice on helping others quit. or 1-866-366-3667

Are you a school or organization that would like to help someone quit?


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