Announcement: The Break It Off campaign will be closing on December 22, 2021. Learn More

Break It Off will close on 12/22/21.

Health Canada (HC) and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) have made the decision to close Break It Off, the joint tobacco cessation, awareness and outreach campaign aimed at Canadians aged 20-24. First launched by CCS in 2012, HC teamed-up in 2014 to expand its reach across Canada. Over the years, the campaign has encouraged numerous young adults to quit smoking and stay smoke-free.

When Break It Off launched nationally in 2014, smoking prevalence for the 20-24 age group was 20%, well over the national average at the time of 16%[1]. Today, prevalence is 13% for young adults, similar to the national average[2]. While proportionally fewer young adults are currently smoking, we recognize the importance of continuing to support young Canadians on their quitting journey. That’s why, we encourage you to check out the free quit smoking resources offered by your province or territory and by the Canadian Cancer Society.

[1] Canadian Tobacco Use (CTUMS) 2012
[2] Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) 2020

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