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Quit smoking inspiration

  • Alexandra
    "I feel exceptionally good. The food has regained its taste, I breathe better and I even feel like I have more energy."
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  • Rob
    "I would put my would-be daily smoke money in a jar and bought myself a big screen tv and a gaming system as m reward for hitting the 6 month smoke free mark."
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  • Shauna
    "No excuses. If you fail learn from the experience and don't give up until you are sucessful"
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  • Some reasons to quit smoking

    Start feeling better

    See the health benefits of quitting soon after your last cigarette.

    More about the risks

    Avoid harming the ones you love

    Reduce the risk of breathing problems, heart disease and many forms of cancer.

    More health effects

    Start saving your money

    Save roughly $5,000+ per year by quitting a one-pack-a-day smoking routine.

    Try the cost calculator

    Refresh your look

    Put an end to bad breath, yellow teeth and stained fingernails.

    More cigarette facts

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